About company
Our team originally started as a specialized computer vision solutions developer for a variety of industries. After working with 50+ clients over the span of 7 years, we realized how computationally inefficient existing neural network pipelines are.

Therefore, we started to develop a technology that would be able to greatly compress neural networks without sacrificing accurary or other performance metrics.
At first we were using the technology internaly, but over time we realized that it has tremendous potential to vastly improve other AI developers’ neural network pipelines.

Thus, in 2021 enot.ai was born.

Right now we are a team of 10+ dedicated AI engineers and scientists with the sole mission to enable edge computing anywhere, anytime. We are based in Riga, Latvia with a client network spanning USA, Europe and Asia.
Our Team
Serge Aliamkin
Chief Executive Officer
Ivan Oseledets
Chief Research Officer
Alex Goncharenko
Chief Technology Officer
Kristians Karlsons
Business Development
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