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Sardina Systems Partners with ENOT.ai to Boost GPU Performance

Sardina Systems is thrilled to unveil a strategic partnership with ENOT.ai — Embedded Network Optimization Technology, an innovative European software development company specializing in flexible tools for neural architecture automation and optimization. This collaboration marks the seamless integration of ENOT.ai technology into the Sardina FishOS — Accelerator Integrated Solution, bringing efficiency and innovation tailored for GPU performance at any scale.
Sardina FishOS — Accelerator Integrated Solution by Sardina Systems is designed to help enterprises and service providers foster business development through an efficient and rapidly deployable cloud platform, featuring Nvidia and AMD GPU accelerators.
FishOS — Integrated Solution removes implementation risks while providing you with a full suite of tools to manage, optimize, and upgrade the cloud platform core of your business.
ENOT.ai, Embedded Neural Network Optimization Technology, leads in enabling LLM (Large Language Model) for both enterprise and edge solutions by blending solid infrastructure with avant-garde AI capabilities. Their dedication to neural network optimization establishes a fresh benchmark for cloud platforms and makes them Sardina Systems’ trusted partner in the global market.
“GPU acceleration has been a frequent request from FishOS customers and cloud platform administrators worldwide. We are delighted to announce the seamless integration of ENOT.ai into our Accelerator Integrated Solution. This integration provides an even more rapid and reliable AI-powered tool for enterprise applications at any scale, marking a synergistic blend of efficiency and innovation specifically tailored for GPU performance.”
Kenneth Tan, Executive Director of Sardina Systems
“With ENOT.ai’s deep expertise in neural network optimization, our collaboration with Sardina is set to push boundaries. We’re bringing forth a synergy that magnifies our impact on the AI landscape.”
David Rapoport, Chief Revenue Officer of ENOT
Sardina FishOS — Accelerator Integrated Solution with ENOT.ai seamless integration is available in three packages, offering flexibility based on the number of servers, CPU threads, Ceph storage, memory, and Gbps network requirements.
Accelerate your business development with Sardinia Systems FishOS:
  • Achieve a full-lifecycle view on Kubernetes infrastructure orchestration: confidently, predictably, reproducibly deploy, reliably operate, and upgrade with zero downtime.
  • Leverage AI-powered capabilities to optimally, rapidly place, and rebalance workloads in dynamically changing data centers.
  • Attain optimized performance and infrastructure at a constant total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Avoid the complexities of building and configuring all the parts of the production Kubernetes stack. Get to “live” quicker with FishOS’ full-scale deployability.
  • Benefit from enterprise-ready data security functionalities, including persistent storage backends, and data resilience for entire Kubernetes bays.
  • Deploy a ready-to-run cloud system in your data center, requiring no further operational tools setup.